Jenisch Consulting stands for Vision, Process and Solution and supports your organization in:

  • Defining and verbalizing your vision; 

  • Developing a customized execution plan for your strategy and business processes; 

  • Achieving your goals during implementation; supported by suitable measures and tools;

  • Coaching your managers within the change process.

Strategy Development and Realization


I support my clients in developing strategies that are tailored to their organizations. Subsequently I help translate the strategy into an execution plan and engraining the strategy within the organization. Depending on the clients requirements, I use tools such as scenario planning, business process reengineering, project portfolio management, KPIs, Balanced Scorecard as well as supporting change management and communication activities. It is my objective to enable you to realize your strategy and to tap your organization's full potential.

Project Management and Process Improvements


I am lean 6 sigma black-belt certified and have extensive experience in leading complex projects. My clients benefit from my knowledge and experience by engaging me either as a project leader or as an advisor and coach to the responsible project manager. It is my objective to lead and execute projects based on a structured approach and by selecting the appropriate tools. Key success factors are the structured approach, the right tools, transparency and the involvement of your associates in the project.

Trusted Advisor


Based on my extensive experience, I offer support to organizations (e.g. SME) who do not have the required expertise in-house or only require this expertise on occasion. Potential topics could be the development of a strategy, the establishment of project portfolio management or risk management, or a situation analysis by a neutral and independent advisor.

Mentoring/Coaching for Managers


I offer mentoring/coaching services for Managers based on my experience as a people leader. I help young managers grow into their role or more seasoned executives to continue learning and  improve further. I offer indenpendent support to navigate challenging leadership situations.

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