I experienced her as an authentic leader with in-depth understanding of the business. She can motivate and mobilize all necessary individuals to get a job well done. It’s a pleasure to work with her and there is a lot to learn from her broad experience.

Under Eva’s strong leadership, I learned about the importance of defining a vision and focusing people on topics which create value for the company and really make a difference.

Eva succeeds at bringing the right strategic view into a daily operational work environment. She always applies a very structured approach and is driving things to conclusion.

I enjoyed working with Eva for her commitment to resolve issues and her substantive approach. Personally, Eva built strong relationships and was fun to work with.

Eva did an excellent job making the complex product flows transparent and identifying the performance of various set-ups on flexibility and throughput. This was the baseline for a subsequent restructuring of the network which included an integration after a big acquisition, reduced the number of sites by 40%, improved the margin and freed up working capital.

Eva successfully led a high-priority program within my organization. With a very well-structured approach and persistence she managed this multi work-stream program and made sure to deliver the required results on time and in a really good quality. In close collaboration with the site leadership team and the Global Functions she drove the implementation of deliverables in parallel to ongoing operations.

Outstanding project leader is the phrase that comes to mind when I think about Eva.

Eva’s personal strengths include the ability to communicate clearly and to assert herself without losing sight of group dynamic processes. Particularly worthy of mention in this regard is the mutual respect, the trust and her teamwork skills which had been exemplary at all times.

Eva is very skilled in terms of change management and strategy, which was of the utmost importance for our project, which had a large impact on our manufacturing network.

Eva gave a very good example of how the sound application of project management tools combined with a high level of social competence brings a complex pharma project back on track.

Eva would be a true asset for initiatives requiring strategic acumen as well as the ability to transform goals into action.

She is a good listener and knows how to create the right team spirit even with people who were initially on completely different pages. This enabled her to manage a team of busy leaders and experts towards a very tight schedule.

Her attitude to work is characterized by a defined sense of responsibility, determination and high level of personal commitment. Not least due to her ability to skillfully analyze processes and both recognizing and eliminating weak points she always finished projects successfully.

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