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My thoughts on Serendipity

In recent conversations, the word serendipity kept coming up time and again. Why is that? Was it me who particularly picked up on the word, or is there a deeper transformation under way here?

What is the meaning of serendipity?

Serendipity refers to a chance observation of something not originally sought. It has less to do with mere randomness but rather with an openness to recognize and seize opportunities as they arise.

I think the increased popularity of the topic lies within our current situation. We’ve lived in pandemic setup for well over two years now, which has meant for many of us to limit our social contacts and an oftentimes frustrating experience of fundamental changes in the way we live and work. For some, it also meant confronting fears, illness or even the death of loved ones. This sparked deep crises of purpose and self-empowerment.

Now that we hope to have reached the end of the pandemic, the concept of serendipity comes into play: we finally want to have the feeling again that we ourselves have the course of our destiny in our hands and are no longer just at the mercy of external circumstances.

So how do we start?

My favorite: Be Curious. Observe, be open to new situations and people. Keep an open mind and explore new topics. Get out of your habitual social media bubble.

Forget your routine and do something new. Try unexpected things to have unexpected results.

And then connect the dots. Make the connection between the people you met, the topics discussed and the new things you tried. The results will be quite amazing and energizing, promised.

So, get started today and enjoy your journey to serendipity!

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